22 Mar

English Week 2024

English Week this year focused on the theme of Positivity, with two subthemes: cherishing life and respect for diversity. The event included a range of engaging activities, such as English Chitchatting, the English Fun Fair, Flowers of Cherishing, Celebrating Easter, movie screenings of "Wonder" and "Billy Elliot" and vocabulary games. These activities aimed to teach students the value of embracing life and appreciating diversity.


One of the highlights of English Week was the inter-class English drama competition, where students showcased their language skills and creativity. Through their active participation, students gained confidence in speaking English and developed a deeper understanding of the importance of respecting diversity.


English Week provided a platform for students to engage in enjoyable English language activities while instilling important life lessons. The combination of language learning and the exploration of positive themes created a vibrant and enriching experience for all participants.