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Major School Event

Our students have been involved in many charity and community activities. On January 25 2018, a Viu TV crew came to our school to shoot our students’ volunteer services. The film crew documented the help provided to the elderly from the St. James' Settlement Elderly Home. It was played in a TV program, THE JUNIOR VOLUNTEERS on Feb 25 2018.
On April 20 2018, the Environmental protection and science and technology for our homes was launched at our school. The show was sponsored by The Central and Western District Council. We were proudly partnered with the St. James' Settlement Elderly Home to show the Central and Western District residents the information and innovations about Environmental Protection, Science and Technology, Mathematics, Volunteer Services, etc. The Honorable CHEUNG Kwok-kwan, JP, a Legislative Council Member, also graced us with his presence. After the opening ceremony, all guests visited the newly established Innovation and Technology Centre. Our teachers and our students alike wowed the guests with the technology demonstrations!
On April 21 2018, there was a Rummikub Board Game Championship 2018 in our school hall. Participants were categorized into two groups - primary school students (from Hong Kong Island, offshore islands and Kwai Ching District) as well as senior citizens (living in our neighboring elderly home). The games gave the elderly a chance to flex their brains while also allowing primary school students to see practical uses for their Mathematics skills. They really enjoyed the games!



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